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19 Inches Of Unemployable Penis #TNNS112

Gay bumper stickers
Jesus hijacking
Largest penis in the world
Cheeseburger wars
Jaye Smooth's beautiful mind

Jamie Mack starts the show discriminating against gay bumper stickers. What have the stickers ever done to him? I hijack the topic and talk about starting a gay church. Why not? Is any sin greater than another? Me thinks not.

I get mad at black people for trying to hijack Jesus the same way white people did. When will people just let Jesus be fake? At some point can we all just agree that it is a really good story? And then we move on…

Next, we talk about Roberto Esquivel and his very large penis. This man claims that his appendage is causing him turmoil. No woman will deal with him. No job will employ him. He eats out of trash cans. Is this really a problem? Is this a good problem or bad problem? What jobs could hire him?

A woman was arrested for beating up the girl a few months ago for sitting on the cheeseburger. Why in the world did it take so long to get these women in handcuffs? This should be treated as terrorism. Jamie Mack feels like it was jealousy and not about a burger. I agree that it wasn't about a burger.

Jaye Smooth assures us that his mother has given him permission to fight women. He gives them between two and three chances to sit down somewhere before punching them in the throat. Jamie Mack is prepared to beat you to the ground and then kick you until you stop moving. The views and opinions expressed by Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth do not coincide with those of the show or B Honest.

Last we talk about some of our twitter interactions of the last week. Jaye Smooth still has sympathizers and was even called a beautiful mind by someone. We thank all of our listeners and especially a few that interacted with us recently.

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