17.5 Years To Live #TNNS381

Episode #381

Jaye Smooth is the least sympathetic person in the world. If he isn't speaking ill of down syndrome, he is making fun of a guy bleeding to death after being shot in the head. Before the show, I forced Jamie Mack to watch Devyn Holmes being shot by alleged friends. I will not post the video here. But you can look for the video...It's everywhere. Jamie Mack is ruined for the beginning of the show. We ended up talking about this for a few minutes. Mack couldn't let it go. Great news, as of Thursday of this week, Devyn is recovering. Most recent news is that he has opened his eyes and is responsive. Doctors are keeping him sedated to allow his brain to heal. We all, even Jaye Smooth, are wishing this young man well and a speedy recovery.

Jamie Mack wants to discuss living each day like it is your last. This is a continuation of my clean living concept. I think you have to live life for today. We dig a little deeper and look to a life expectancy calculator. If you take the average life expectancy and subtract work, sleep, and chores, you end up with about 17 and a half years of actual life.

I try to get into a conversation about whether or not we would be willing to get rid of double standards entirely. But Jaye Smooth wants to further dig a hole for himself....


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