10 Year Plan With 9 Years To Live #TNNS375

Episode #375

In light of Jaye Smooth's recent issues with his package, Jamie Mack wants to know what "lengths" we would go to fix a sick stick. Now that they have legitimized enhancement surgery for men, would you go under the knife? What about pills? Is there a limit, or is this issue the most important issue you can imagine? Jamie Mack would choose his stick over arms or legs.

During this show, we had a tornado touch down nearby. So if you hear us far away from the mics, it is because we are all looking out of the back window to make sure we don't get carried away.

Next, I want to discuss how long we hold on to our five-year or ten-year plan. At a certain point, don't you get too old to have a plan? At some point, you have to cut your losses and just enjoy what's left. I don't mean to put you in a bad mood. But I also don't want you wasting the good years. Take stock. See how realistic your goals are. Assess whether or not it is time to get rid of your 5-year plan.

French Reggy wants to know if we would be willing to genetically modify our invitro kids to have features that we choose. For the small price of 14,000 dollars, French Reggy can have his kid look just like Lebron. I say we should let God choose for us....


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