The Music Industry has changed. No longer does an artist need to be signed to a major label. Artists can connect directly with their fans and customers. Because of that, it has never been more important for an artist to get their music sounding professional.

Mixing & Mastering


$200 per song
  • -6 dB Mix Ready For Mastering Engineer
  • 2 Revisions Included ($25 per additional revision)


$50 per song
  • CD Quality and "Ready For Streaming" Loudness Standards
  • 1 Revision Included ($10 per additional revision)

Live in the Atlanta area and need recording?

We can come to your studio and make sure your audio is recorded properly.


What our customers are saying...

The vocals sit perfectly in the mix.

~ S.E.N.

This guy knows music. He has been a friend and my engineer for many years.

~ Plair

I don't let anyone else mix my stuff

~ Young Bred.

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